To promote Volvo’s in-car voice-activated Spotify technology, Knit developed an innovative Twitter activated jukebox using Raspberry Pi at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013.


To attract and engage with visitors to Volvo’s exhibition space at GFOS, the Twitter Jukebox enabled visitors to tweet their favourite song and artist followed by the hashtag ‘#VolvoConnected’ and the song automatically joined a playlist to then play out at the event.  The Rasberry Pi was used for the campaign and a server set up watched for tweets with hashtag ‘#VolvoConnected’, and used this to find tracks on Spotify.


Over the 4-day period, over 1000 people interacted with the jukebox, and 750 unique tracks were played on stand.  The number of tweets and re-tweets using hashtag #VolvoConnected gained social exposure for Volvo, and resulted in 887,922 impressions and 174,274 Twitter accounts reached.

The campaign gained coverage in national marketing press and this campaign has led to more campaigns working with Volvo.