As an official partner of KidZania, Hamptons created the interactive “Estate Agency Experience” in London Westfield which opened in January 2016. KidZania is a child-size city that blends education with entertainment and teaches children vital life skills. At the Estate Agent Experience, children get the chance to become Junior Estate Agents in a role-play environment using technology and innovation to help bring the experience to life.


Children partner up and venture out into the City of Kidzania to gather the information needed to sell a house and learn the skills to help customers sell their homes.

We integrated a custom designed app to facilitate this engaging activity. Upon arrival at the estate agency, the teams are given tablets for the task ahead, and are asked to enter their names. This automatically prints unique, personalised business cards enriching the user experience. The Junior Estate Agents are then briefed to find their property using an interactive map on their tablet. Once found, they then must complete a floor plan by taking measurements, create a property description, and choosing the best photos to support the sale.

All of this information is then entered into the app to create a property listing which is uploaded live to the Hamptons Kidzania website. Children can check their property listing online when they get home using the unique code on their business cards.

The app facilitates the seamless digital activity whilst teaching children Trust, Dedication, Excellence and Professionalism.


We really enjoyed working on this campaign to support the education of children in the UK. By seamlessly integrating digital technology with the activity, the app offered children an interactive and engaging experience that helps them to learn about financial literacy, careers, teamwork, independence and real-life skills.