Using cutting edge facial recognition technology, motion sensors, and speech recognition software, Knit devised an engaging experiential window display for John Lewis on Oxford Street.


To promote the latest Samsung Smart TV and raise brand awareness of John Lewis’ technology range, Knit developed pioneering technology to create an interactive window experience.  Motion sensors captured footfall, and the call to action was through a motion-triggered audio message, asking passers by to “Say Hi TV!”  Voice recognition software was then used to capture the interactions, causing the window to spring to life.  


In the forty-day period, there were 11,783 interactions, which equates to nearly 300 people per day. 

By using the facial recognition technology, we were able to report the approximate age, and gender of those who interacted and for how long they interacted.  

After the experience, passers-by were encouraged to visit the Technology department and test out the Samsung Smart TV for themselves.