Using Godiva Chocolatier’s ethos to “surprise and delight with innovative creations” as inspiration we developed a branded interactive digital experience to support Godiva’s attendance at the travel retail event: TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes.


Using a combination of technologies, we created an immersive space for Godiva to present their new concept stores being proposed for various international airports. We created four freestanding screens which created temporary video walls in the exhibition space. In the centre we developed an interactive, digital touchscreen-table that allowed users to control content which would be displayed on the four screen walls around them.

Godiva Brand Ambassadors led presentations by triggering content to bring the concept stores to life. The screen walls would show a 360-degree render of proposed shops and cafés, plus bonus content could be triggered by placing specially developed Godiva chocolate boxes on the table, adding to the immersive experience.

When not in use, the video walls displayed the interior of Terminal 2 at Nice Airport, and included scenic views of the surrounding mountains and coastline. In the background silhouettes of planes flew in and out of view in real time using live data from Nice Airport’s departure board.

The TFWA World Exhibition & Conference concludes each year with the prestigious Frontier Awards at Hotel Palm Beach in Cannes to recognise premium brands in travel retail. Knit installed a sushi-bar style conveyor belt in the reception area of the venue serving small plates of Godiva’s luxury chocolates to further promote Godiva as a leading luxury brand.


By integrating video content to simulate physical space, Godiva was able to bring their concepts and products to life and engage with their audience, thereby gaining ‘buy-in’ for their new stores. In the highly competitive market of travel retail this unique experience of a 360-degree environment set Godiva apart from other luxury brands at the event. By blending digital technology into a physical meeting space Knit helped Godiva present themselves as the forward-thinking, and innovative brand that they are, on a global scale.