Knit has developed a unique Internet of Things product, #HiutMusic, which combines Twitter, Spotify and Raspberry Pi technology to connect the Hiut Denim factory in Wales with brand advocates across the world in a fun and engaging way.


Hiut is a unique company founded in 2009 by David and Clare Hieatt, with a vision to start a new jeans company by utilising the skills of the folk in Cardigan who worked at the UK’s largest jeans factory before it closed down. Hiut also has a policy that “you can’t make great jeans without good music” which formed the basis of this unique campaign.

#HiutMusic is a jukebox, or ‘smart radio’ which is powered by Twitter and situated in the Hiut factory in Wales. Hiut fans anywhere in the world can request a track with a simple tweet including, "#HiutMusic”, the artist name and track title which will then be played live in the factory via Spotify. Users receive confirmation via Twitter @HiutMusic when their track has been successfully added to the playlist.

The radio itself has a display that illuminates whenever there is a request and the location of the tweet is represented as the colour of the illumination. – so the further away the origin of the tweet, the warmer the colour of the display.

Hiut Music also has an online interface which displays the track history and visualises the Twitter data as a live infographic.

Nick Thompson, founding partner of Knit said: “When Hiut described the relationship that great music has to the creation of their jeans we were inspired to think creatively about how this could be used with new technologies to build further connections with brand advocates.

“By adding an Internet of Things element to social, we were able to build a solution that merges digital music, with social media buzz and further opportunities for brand amplification.”


The campaign was launched in May 2015 and has boosted brand engagement online. David Hieatt explains “We have always believed that you can’t make great jeans without good music. Knit’s idea to build an Internet of Things product that uses music to link the guys creating the jeans with their fans all over the world was genius!  Knit has produced something that allows our customers to interact with our factory in a unique and personal way.”


#HiutMusic has been recognised for its innovation in a number of industry awards including winning 'Product Design' (Industrial) at The Design Week Awards, 'Innovative use of Technology' and 'Creative Technology' at The Drum Dream Awards and shortlisted in the Dadi's and Bima Awards.

For more details including technical know how – head over to our #HiutMusic blog post.