Google Glass was recently launched in June this year and is the first wearable computer headset to market in the UK with features including voice and gesture activated controls. Knit worked with Gressingham Duck to investigate the possibilities of using Google Glass for cooking recipes with duck. 

As part of Knit’s investment in R&D internally, the agency works with clients to explore how technology will impact their business and ultimately how they can drive sales using innovation.  Gressingham Duck is a forward thinking brand that invests in improving consumer experiences and is the first UK FMCG brand to use Google Glass in this way.

The Google Glass cooking app works so users can search and find a recipe from the Gressingham Duck recipe selection, then view simple step-by-step instructions that appear in view and that be controlled by voice.  The benefits of being able to use the app on Google Glass ‘hands-free’ will be immediately apparent to anyone that has tried to cook using their smartphone or tablet as an aid, and will avoid that smeary screen or marked recipe book page caused by messy cooking hands!

Knit firstly trialled the app in-house and then filmed a live experiment with a novice cook who had never used Google Glass before to test the functionality, features and ease of use. The findings were positive and they prove that Google Glass offers an innovative and improved alternative to using phones or tablets for learning to cook and following recipes. See how the novice cook gets on trialing the cooking app here

What started out as an R&D project with Gressingham Duck to investigate the benefits and uses of Google Glass in the kitchen, the cooking app proved so helpful that the app is being further developed by Knit to include more duck recipes and increased functionality. 

Steve Curzon, Associate Marketing Director for Gressingham Duck is thrilled with the project, “As a brand we aim to offer our consumers the latest and best technology to improve their experiences with us.  Using Google Glass was one way we knew we could do this to create a unique proposition.’ He continues, “We are always looking for ways to show people how easy it is to cook with duck, and this is just one step further to show how simple it really is even for a beginner.  It will be interesting to see this develops as wearable tech becomes more mainstream.”

Alongside the cook along app, Knit is also in the process of developing further apps for Google Glass so keep an eye on their progress.