Knit worked with Nissan Europe at the 2013 Frankfurt Motorshow and developed an experiential campaign for the event to attract visitors and encourage social sharing.


This was the first project we worked with Nissan Europe on, and we used RFID and NFC technology for brand amplification.  As people interacted with the digital installations and the new car models, their activity was automatically posted to Facebook using Facebook Connect.  The activities included a themed photo-booth, a data capture mobile app and NFC-enabled photo app which took photos of visitors with the cars and around the stand which were posted to Facebook or shared on email in real time.


The activity for Nissan Europe was received positively by visitors and the client.  The creative and fun activities on stand attracted visitors  and created memorable brand experiences.  Through using Knit's unique social sharing solution we are able to join the offline world with the online in realtime for maximum social amplification.