NFC technology is used to revolutionise the customer experience in Nissan Dealerships across the UK to promote the new Nissan Note and Nissan Micra models.


By using Knit’s NFC app, customers at car dealerships were able to explore the models’ features and technology by watching short films via a tablet. The NFC-enabled tablet simply scans NFC tags which are positioned on various parts of the cars, and the relevant video will automatically play.  This offers an alternative way to make informed purchasing decisions with interesting and reliable content, without the pressure of a salesperson.


The Nissan Dealer Tour which took place over several months in 2013, was a great success.  The feedback from consumers and salespeople alike were positive.

This alternative sales approach has multiple uses, and can be used for any high value purchase, where people want to find out about the product, but not necessarily via a salesperson.