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It was a pleasure to be a guest speaker at the Norwich University of Arts – Fashion Week event to consider ways in which the traditional and cutting-edge can be fused to achieve new possibilities for the design and promotion of contemporary fashion and textile.

Whilst it’s fair to say that I’m not a dedicated follower of fashion, the event provided us with an excuse to explore the potential of creative technology within the future of fashion and the natural extension between the growth of wearables and their impact on future fashion.

Highlights from the presentation included:

LED Clothing:

Enlighted Designs, Inc. are following the dream to became a specialist light-up clothing designer. Go to Enlighted Designs Inc.

Movement Sensors:

The concept of artist Lesia Trubat's ‘E-traces’ is based in capturing dance movements and transforming them into visual sensations through the use of new technologies. After observing the motions of bodies as they glide and pirouette, she realised that through contact with the ground, a lilypad arduino microcontroller board could record the pressure and actions of their feet and send the signal to an electronic device.  Read more on Lesia Trubat.


Emotion Sensors:

VIBE by Philips Design combines conductive ink and textile sensors. It can read multiple biometric signals of the wearer and communicate them to other wearers and devices.

MOOD SWEATER is an emotive fashion design that interprets emotions and displays mood instantly as an interactive light display. The GER: MOOD SWEATER sensors read excitement levels and translate the data into a palette of affective colours.


Social Media Triggers:

CuteCircuit has designed the World’s first Haute Couture Twitter Dress. Commissioned by EE to mark the launch of the company’s super-fast 4G mobile network.

Collaborations (Tech is cool):

Tech is now cool and there is a genuine mutual benefit in the collaboration between technology and fashion brands. For example Ray-Ban and Oakley collaborated with Google Glass to make wearable tech desirable and HTC One X is inspired by designer fashion brand, Cushnie et Ochs.

Using technology to promote fashion:

We demonstrated Top Shop’s use of virtual reality to immerse customers into a live feed from the London Fashion Show catwalk and behind the scenes. We also demonstrated our work for Hiut Denim Co, where Knit designed a branded interface to enable users to interact with different parts of a “tech hacked” pair of jeans through a store window. Icons were painted on to the window using conductive ink with wires linking to the jeans. Arduino microcontroller units were used to control the audio samples and triggers to tell the unique story of Hiut.  The project ran for 6 weeks during which sales increased 30% in-store, web traffic to Hiut Denim Co doubled and the project attracted global press/online/social coverage reaching in excess of 10 million. View our case study here.

The presentation is available on Slideshare.

The event reinforced the importance of doing things outside of your comfort zone to broaden knowledge, build confidence and meet new and interesting folk.

If you have a moment check out the work of two very talented people within fashion design and weave.

Daniel Harris of the London Cloth Company weaves traditional cloth using original Victorian looms. The London Cloth Company was established in October 2011 and is the first micro-mill to open in London, specialising in quality woven cloth, particularly woollens, produced on our ever-expanding range of carefully restored shuttle looms dating from the 1870s.
Visit website

Beatrice Korlekie Newman, founder of Korlekie has taken inspiration from the process of UV Mapping – a complex 3D modelling process of making 2D image representation resulting in mesh resemblance formations. The stunning effect is based on the advanced scanning technology in 3D with the assistance of software programs to transform face scans into the mesh like structures. As a result, the patterns were used with the digital knit technology that could make the most accurate interpretation of the concept. Visit website


Take a look at what the Knit team have found inspiring this week