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We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed a merger with Experience Design Agency, Foolproof (

Knit will continue to operate independently, under our own name, and we will continue to focus on our Creative Technology specialism within retail, out-of-home and experiential environments.

As creative technology becomes integrated within the overall connected customer journey, we feel there is a need to be influencing the top table strategic decision process. Being part of Foolproof provides us with the perfect opportunity to be in a position to do this.

We were keen to find a partner that wanted to embrace the creativity, innovation and R&D aspect of our work. With Foolproof we have a found a home that understands the need to be at the forefront of innovation in order to learn how consumers respond to the new and evolving technological advances, to provide brands with a competitive advantage.

So why is an experience design agency interested in creative technology?

If the last decade has been about optimising digital and mobile platforms, the next ten years is going to be all about the marriage of the digital and physical worlds. 

But the lessons of the last ten years also show us that designing any customer experience without reference to consumer needs and preferences is a sure way to fail. 

Too often, new technology is a solution in search of a problem. It’s application is borne more out of technology for technology’s sake than responding to a genuine customer need. By marrying the disciplines of insight-driven experience design with the in-depth understanding of new creative technologies, this problem is avoided.

Adding Knit to the Foolproof group extends the group’s service to deliver genuinely multi-channel and joined up experiences.

Harnessing Foolproof and Knit’s skills will give our business the platform from which we help more brands understand how new technology can be deployed into the most important areas of their business, where competitive advantage can be created from being an early adopter of the technology.

And the impact and value of opportunities to brands who succeed in bringing these worlds together are set to be every bit as exciting and dramatic as those created when the world wide web first signaled the start of ecommerce.

Brands already recognize that to compete they have to deliver a compelling customer experience across all channels, and this experience needs to be joined-up, seamless and frictionless.  Their branches, retail stores, mobile and web stores can no longer operate in silos. They need to harness the power of technology to deliver these joined up experiences, and they need help from agencies that can deliver in both the physical and digital environment.



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