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The Hiut Denim Co Hacks Top Denim Retailer #HiutWindow

The Hiut Denim Co “tech hacked” shop window using Conductive Ink technology to tell the story of the brand.


The story of Hiut Denim Co is somewhat special and everything about the company is unique, innovative and challenges convention, so it needed something that retained the essence of the brand to communicate the story in a retail environment.

If you haven’t come across Hiut Denim Co, they are made in a town that used to have Britain’s biggest denim factory. Its’ reason to exist is to rejuvenate jobs in the town for the master craftspeople that worked in the old jeans factory before it closed.

Each and every pair is signed by the maker in the factory. The Hiut Denim Co believes all artists should sign their work.

The jeans are designed with modern details in mind, for example the coin pocket is redesigned to fit the latest iPhone every time a new one is released. All jeans are made from iconic denim mills from around the world.  The Hiut Denim Co is the first jeans maker to incorporate a unique History Tag with each and every pair to make them a true Internet of Things product. So you can upload pictures of where you go and what you do in them. So one day when those jeans end up in a second store, their stories will go with them too.

The Hiut Denim Co’s customers are the creative community, people who appreciate the care, craft and detail in every pair.

To tell the story of the jeans they felt it was appropriate to “tech hack” a pair of jeans and utilise the latest innovation – conductive ink.

To tell the story of the jeans they hacked a shop window, using Bare Conductive Paint to turn it into an interface for the story of Hiut Denim.

In the specialist jeans store Rivet & Hide, creative technology agency Knit utilised the window space to create an installation, which allows potential customers to hear the story of the brand and the product details as they interact with different parts of the product by touching the relevant icons on the outside of the window.

This is the first time that conductive ink has used through glass and as part of an in-store retail installation.

As customers walk past the store a sensor detects their proximity and a random audio sample using transducer speakers on the window encourages them to find out about the story about Hiut Jeans. For example, “Our town is making jeans again. Touch the window to find out more.”

The stylish icons which represent different parts of the brand story are painted onto the inside of the window using conductive ink, with wires on the inside of the window linking to the relevant parts of the product. Inside the pair of jeans includes various Arduino microcontroller units to control the audio samples and triggers.

The conductive ink is able to detect the change in the capacitance as the person touches the window icon, which in turn triggers the circuit to play the relevant audio sample. As well as audio, light bulbs are also triggered to switch on to create visual impact.

Comment from

“Our aim is to get the town making jeans again. Sentiment won’t get the town making jeans again. We will have to have ideas. Try things that haven’t been done before. We have to stand out from the crowd. Or die. So when Nick approached us about the conductive ink, we said yes. It’s a great idea. And it helps put us on the denim map.”

The installation opens today, Friday 26th September at 3pm and will run in the store window of Rivet & Hide, 5 Windmill St, London from September for 4 weeks.  Opening times: Monday - Friday 1200 – 1900 - Saturday 1100 – 1800.  Nearest tubes are Goodge Street & Tottenham Court Road

Watch video here

For more information about Hiut Denim Co visit the website

Visit Rivet and Hide website for more information 

For press enquiries or comment, please contact Alexandra Jamieson, Knit,

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