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Nick GGlass

The team here at Knit invest heavily in R&D to ensure that the creative technology solutions we design and develop meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

With this in mind. we were eagerly anticipating the UK launch of Google Glass and at the end of June, our wait was over! Since then, our team of developers and creative technologists have been looking at the numerous and innovative ways we can use this smart wearable tech device.

Currently under development are solutions for the eventing industry, specifically one R&D project which will aim to provide ‘Brand Ambassadors’ heads-up displays to give them information quickly without the need of a tablet or mobile device.

We're also looking at ways to seamlessly integrate Google Glass functionality with RFID and NFC technology at events.  Several other Google Glass research applications are also underway but due to the sensitive nature of these we’re currently unable to disclose further details, so keep an eye on our blog for updates!

For more information on our development using Google Glass, please get in touch


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