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This week Microsoft announced they have been working on an augmented reality headset, HoloLens, that infuses the real world with overlaid holograms. Microsoft released a demo video showing a user working through a host of everyday experiences from watching a virtual TV to playing the iconic game Minecraft on top of a living room table; I have to say this had me hooked.

Although the demo video has impressed me immensely, it has left me sceptical that unless the speech recognition and gesture controls work flawlessly this product could hit some serious snags. Last year we saw Google Glass fly on to the scene with the promise it would be the latest in useful wearable technology, however, with the extortionate £1,000 price tag and the slightly unresponsive voice recognition it made for a slightly disappointing experience, let's hope this is not the same from Microsoft. 

So far we still know relatively little about the product even though Microsoft have been secretly working on it for over 5 years. What we do know is it is built to work with the upcoming Windows 10 operating system and has enough power to generate multiple holograms simultaneously as well as track your surroundings to keep them where they need to be, no matter where you move your head. 

Being a ‘techy’ person I am always interested by the latest technological innovations, but this just seems to take augmented reality to a whole new level and I for one can not wait to give this a go… Unfortunately, Bill Gates the CEO of Microsoft has already said we may have to wait a couple more years to have a go.


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