Knit has built a specialist Virtual Reality and 360º video production unit, which creates cutting edge immersive brand and product experiences.

360° Video Production

Knit has the skills to create immersive 360º video for product launches and events.  We use specialist camera hardware and stitching software to help clients achieve everything from VR video and films to live feeds.

360º Web-Player

We can display 360º video online through a web-player which means our content is viewable on any platform (mobile or desktop). An example of our 360º video player can be seen below.

Unity VR Production

Our Unity development team are able to take 360º video or rendered computer graphics and produce Virtual Reality experiences with customisable interactivity and gamification. Providing the flexibility to output experiences to multiple devices such as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, along with mobile and online websites.

dan unity

360º Video iOS and Android App Production

The Knit team are able to utilise our mobile programming skills to build iOS and Android apps specifically for devices such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear.

Cardboard Objects

Our R&D team have launched “Cardboard Objects” as an extension to the affordable virtual reality (VR) headset, Google Cardboard.

We designed “Cardboard Objects” as a prototype that uses collectable real world objects to trigger and explore new relevant app based content.

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For more information about our 360º video and VR services contact:

Nick Thompson